RTX compatible with Blender 2.8?


RTX graphics card are they compatible with cycle and eevee on the 2.8 ?


Yep, I’m using a 2060~

ok nice, do you have Octane render 3.07 ? if you have it can you tell me oif working ?

Just to give you the whole picture:

There is no official support for RTX technology in Blender right now. The cards are only usable by their CUDA cores. But that’s working flawlessly.
I am myself using two 2070s.


I’m running Octane Render 4 on my 2070. There might be some issues with older versions that haven’t been updated to CUDA 10.

RTX doesn’t seem very useful. It’s not even proper ray-tracing.

As an example of something similar to Cycles, Redshift 3.0 gets something like a 28% performance improvement when using RTX cores. So it’s useful, but maybe not earth-shatteringly great.

Considering the cost, it doesn’t seem worth it.

To be fair for scenes with little ray tracing needs the speeds aren’t going to increase that much but when used it will be a lot better than 28%. Redshift alone is already faster than cycles and 3.0 will be faster than current redshift before considering rtx once it finally releases. And with it on they got a lot more than 30% average. 30% was on the scene which didn’t have much ray tracing needs.
Once RTX is implemented it will definitely be worth it. Unless you only render stills.

I doubt Cycles will add it any time soon but when it does expect great speeds.

For the new version of Octane it sees about 2X to 10X speed up with the use of the RT cores depending on what you are rendering. Very worth it.

I forgot to add that you should be able to upgrade to Octane version 4 for free, if you have a stand alone license.

That depends on the software you’re using. Unreal Engine has just gotten basic RTX support and it makes shadows and reflections much nicer, as well as finally allowing the use of HDRI lighting. It’s still not quite usable for indirect lighting but that will probably come soon.

Now obviously they are further along in this area than Blender is, but I’m sure we will see it in Cycles before too long.

In general it’s a good idea to avoid contributing to the conversations on a topic you clearly don’t know anything about, in this particular case raytracing.

I know the difference between game engines and high-quality renderers.

You said RTX is not a proper raytracing. That makes it clear you have no idea what raytracing is/means.

Keep in mind that RTX is only a performance feature in non-real-time rendering, which is currently 100% of what you would use it for in Blender. So you can buy a faster or second video card today and have all the benefit you will ever get from RTX.

When RTX lets you do something you could not before within your rendering time budget, then you may get a quality improvement, like adding ray-traced reflections to a game engine that has to output a complete frame every 33 milliseconds.

When Eevee is used for real-time rendering this might make the difference between being able to do an extra GI bounce or not (as it does now in Unreal Engine 4.22), but until we have Interactive Mode and maybe more of Everything Nodes, there’s not really an opportunity to take advantage of that extra performance in a way that will make a substantial difference.

So in the grand scheme of things, RTX support in Blender is just not that interesting when compared to all the other changes that are coming. IMHO at least.