RTX slow rendering, VGA dont use full potential


iam buy a new graphic card (rtx 2070 super), i try test rendering (BMW), resolution set to 100%, tiles 512x512 , select GPU rendering with only graphic card(2070 super). I use blender 2.8. I found topics where test this card, it render about 52s i think, iam not sure. For me it was about 4-5 minits.

After start rendering, blender use only a few percent of nvidia power (between 1 - 10 %). I watch on task manager during all the redering progress and it dont use full potential of VGA. Can anybody help me?? Rendering take so much time and i dont know where is the problem. I come back to blender after 5 years :slight_smile: . Thanks for any advice.

Do you have any programs that regulate the GPU power, like MSI afterburner? Overclocking softwares can have control over the power limit in your graphics card. It is usually to prevent overheating, you can configure these softwares to cut out the power when your card reaches certain temperature. Maybe you changed these values without noticing? It could also be that the card is overheating if you don’t have proper cooling and live in a hot place, but I doubt the card is overheating with a small task.