rubber cylinders simulation

I need to simulate the tiny “cinematic” deformation you have in two rubber cilinders rotating on a disk.
(see pictures).

  • I organized the meshes,
  • a single bone with rotation only applied,
  • parented the mesh to the bones
  • applied cloth simulation, and starting with rubber preset, I played a little with parameters.
    (see second pictures)

the result is far too much deformed: and I need a far more subtle effect, and more than this the cylinders should stay
“cylindrical”, basically not change too much in volume.
Any help is greatly appreciated.



quick opngl render to clarify the undesired effect.

You can try using a soft body simulation instead of the cloth one, as this example: ; gravity force is set at 0, so the cylinder wont fall.
For some reason Blender crashes more than half of the times when i press the “bake simulation” .

@mik1190 - It crashes because it’s used up all your memory. I would blame the OS for not detecting that and warning or otherwise dealing with it. Blender closes down quite gracefully but because it uses all memory for doing its job, it has none in reserve to warn you.

many many THANKS !
It works and (bytheway) bakes on my system, a macbookpro I7 2.2, 8gb ram.

@ ubi : glad it worked :slight_smile:
@Antony: seems like it’s using only around 100MB, no spikes when pressing the bake button. Tested the file with a daily build and it’s no more crashing, looks like the bug behind it has been fixed.