Rubberband Ball

Hi folks! I’m brand new to Blender, but I’ve been using 3DS Max professionally for years. I saw the pricetag on Blender and I was sold.

As a first project I’ve decided to model a rubberband ball consisting of purple and green rubberbands. I basically multiplied primitives around a sphere, but it’s just not realistic enough. I want to be able to wrap a virtual rubberband around a ball and have it collide with the surfaces under it.

So, how do I do that? What method would I use to force a mesh to elastically wrap around the mesh below it? I’ve attached what I have so far.
Thanks in advance for your advice! :eyebrowlift:


Perhaps the Retopo Tool would be useful to you.

The Release Notes.
The wiki page.
A video tutorial.
And another tutorial.

Good luck, have fun, and welcome to Blender.

But that’s not what I’m looking for. Is there any way to have one mesh elastically wrap around and collide with the mesh under it?

Is there an easy way to use 3ds max to do what you are asking?

My test with soft bodies: