rubberband issue

here’s a bit simpler one. it’s one of the new coffee stories series.

so, coffee+ink on paper.


even though i joke, i think your coffee art is very cool and emotionally strong!

just curious if you do any realism painting, like portraits, still life, landscape. and if so would be cool if you posted some.
it seems you have a lot of control with your paint/coffee and i think your realism work must rock too!

hope you make it back to orange team soon, and get some rest dude!!

it’s beautiful.
I like the detail in some parts and the total lack of it in other parts.
My old art tutors wouldn’t have liked it for a bit. Since they were always going “it"s one way oe the other boy”.

Wu, it’s the same technique you use with aquarel (or waterpaint).
You can use coffee for a nice brown colour, I prefer Chinese Ink because I don’t wanna feel like wanting to have a cup of coffee everytime I open up my sketchbook.

Superb stuff, basse, rife with pathos and thought.

Keep them coming,


Truly one of my favourite styles. Always a joy to view the world through your eyes.



wu: well, I I’ve done many different styles over the years. and with oils I used to do lot of more realistic paintings too… ended up painting portraits of people and their pets and things… that were sold or given as presents, you knowo… anyway, got very bored of it in the end.
it was infact my wife that encouraged me to stop doing that nonsense and trying out something completely different… so I don’t see myself going back there currently, sorry. infact, I seem to be on my way into completely different direction.


i didnt mean i wanted you to start doing realism, i just ment if you had done any (past or present) and wanted to post it, i would defiantly want to see it, and not for goofing purpouses :smiley: