Rubberneck (Batgirl Animation)

:musical_score: "Batgirl… batgirl… " :notes:
I actually found it quite catchy… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

things learnt this round:

  • Reduce the emitter collision thickness (ie the head) if the roots are flying off
  • Cloth/Hooks/Pins
  • Volumetric rendering
  • GPU rendering will extend my applicable life hours
  • Don’t bother with VSE, ended up with Kdenlive
  • Ian Hubert tutorials are instant level ups:
    • Quick buildings/walls/aircons
    • Pipes, pipes and more pipes
    • Flyers in the wind
    • Musgrave!
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Adding the original sculpt done in Nomad Sculpt + iPad Pro

This was coming up as the auto thumbnail instead of the animation, not exactly enticing.