rubbery monster.

I didn’t want to do an assignment, so i modelled this weird, rubber-like monster instead :wink:

Here he is running, a few diff angles:

It’s my first SUCCESSFUL armature model, with different poses. As you can see, I tried some toon shading, but it didn’t seem to work well :frowning: very well, then. To the tutorial pages!
may add a few of these things and a little character being chased by them
also need a better name than “rubber monster”[/img]

wow, that looks really good! i’d say the toon shading looks better than without it, it looks great. have a squizz at the punk that WizerdNx made, hes got great cell shading on that


hehe hes funny in a little bit retarded way

Not bad at all, he sort of looks like a “Gumby meets Satan” sort of character!!! Good work!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Nice :slight_smile:

It reminds me of a clay-mation sort of thing, like morph
( )

Bapsis: Yeah that was kinda the idea. :wink:
next, I plan to pose the mouth, and try and get toon shading a little better.

hehe, he reminds me of this guy

angry and retarded

Strong Mad maybe make the mouth like that, i dunno