Not your traditional Blender image

Comments and critique welcome.

Well, pretty cool result although the composition of the image isnt great imo.

What seems off to you? (I’ve been moving this around all day, so I really have a hard time seeing it fresh.)

Well for one the left side has a lot more rubies than the right sie does (not mentionning the huge yellow gap) and there seems to be a blurr effect only on the right side as well. And hmm some of them are like half transparent while other arent, which well doesnt make much sense to me, but yknow I probably just didnt understand your concept, which is why I find it odd.

Is about to become a really great desktop background, imo. Keep it up!

I would like to see the rubies in the foreground more transparent. More varied patterns on the gems would be cool too.

/ Mats

Oops. You’re right, there are supposed to be rubies in that gap. They got washed out.

I don’t like it man.
I know that your extent of abilities is much higher than this.
I remember joining this forum and seeing great stuff from you even though we didn’t get along well.
C’mon man, i know your better than this.
This is beginner test stuff. Nothing else.
Just letting u know.

IMHO the rubies lack depth. The light going through the rubies just doesn’t look right. Maybe this is due to the background and not the ruby itself.
Secondly I think the composition is lacking. My eyes don’t find a true focal point but wander all over the picture. There is no real rest point.
And thirdly you are not a beginner and I’ve seen stuff from you that is way better.
Just my opinion.