Rubik help

Yesterday I did this Rubik’s cube render

but I get some strange lines in the back cube…Does anyone knows how to fix this??



Nice Render!

The only thing I can see in the BackCube are the reflections of the Plane and some Compressionartefacts.
Is that what you mean?

The FrontCube is a bit flying BTW.


Thanks for your reply!
I’ve already fixed the flying cube, but I still get the Compression thing in the original Render, and it gets worse when I turn on the depth of field, maybe I should increase the OverSampling, I don’t know.



If the Compressionartefacts are what you don’t like,
render to a format without Compression (tga for example or png with lossless compression).
If you want to render to jpg, you should change the qualityvalue to 100.
If that’s not enough, try to desaturate your colour, it looks like it’s pretty pure blue.
Lower the blue value to 0.8


I solved it! it was a strange reflection of the edge of the ground plane, and I only needed to make it bigger
I also set the blue colour to 0.8, and it looks better. Now I’m making some final renders that I’ll post later

here is the final render: