Rubik's controller?

Hi all, I’m trying to turn an animated rubiks cube i did into a real time game. I’m honestly new to this sort of stuff and i have absolutely no clue as to how to make this work. I DID look through some tuts and resources, but I don’t think i found anything that can relate to this. The problem is that I need to make a controller for each of the different rotation functions. On a single 3x3x3 cube i can see at least 22 different rotations. 3 moves vertical up and down, 3 moves horizontally back and forth, another set of 3 on the third plane going up and down. (18 now) then i also want to be able to turn the whole cube around so 4 more, this way i don’t have to always use the mirrors which can be confusing.
This is probably the hardest bit. On top of getting controllers to do rotations i also need something to make sure that a constantly changing section of boxes move and not a preset group. For example, you can, say, turn the top layer around on the z axis, then turn a vertical row on the y axis, then do the top layer again, those boxes on the top layer aren’t the same anymore, they get moved around.

Anyways, that’s my fix, any help is appreciated, thanks!

Here’s my rigged model if anyone wants it, it’s capable of animating just make sure you select the right armatures and use the rotation manipulator instead of translation and it works fine.

I’m not sure how you’d do it, but I expect logic bricks ain’t gonna cut it. you’ll have to use python (this is a rather complex task you want to do, unless I missed something painfully obvious)

Yeah, figures, i just wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions before i dive into this, I’ve already started looking into the programming in python

I thought about this a lot when I was doing it. I decided I didnt know enough about the ge to do it. I think there is another way to do this, without any bones.

I think you could use empties to move the cubes around… either by changing their centers to rotate them with each turn, or by just changing them in place… But you’d still need python and some matrix to remember where everything is…

If you understand me? On each turn, just fake it with a sound effect and then the new cubes appear. The matrix would/could track the position of each cube from move to move… granted it would look like the rubics cubes movement, but you could still play with it in a short time…

well, as long as the cube were aligned with the xyz planes you could use some sort of rotation involving empties for each rotational center and having them move only blocks on certain planes, you might be able to get something working. since I can’t think of any form of parenting that would work, you’d have to use manual position and orientation matrix control, though.

Hey, that just pops Keleidos project on my mind. Looks similar enough to learn from.