Rubik's Cube (video)

The original project is rather old, but I had never posted a high resolution video of it before. It’s a Rubik’s Cube solving itself, 640x640, 145 frames, with motion blur. Enjoy!

To give you an idea (or a refresher) of what it looks like, here’s a pic:

And now, the movie:


wow… thats pretty sweet!! good smooth animation. I wouldn’t have thought you could solve it in so few moves. good job!


the fast moviments are awsom

very nice.

is it hard to make it longer?

how did you do it? did you start with it finished?

I like the movement. There seems to be a little jiggle in some of the non-moving parts (especially apparent near the beginning). I’d recommend having them not jiggle to match the mechanical nature of this action (it’s a Rubik’s Cube… not a character).

Really great animation, the mixture of slow and fast rotation works perfectly.

No…I…uhhh…solved it on the screen? No wait…I wrote a…uh…Python script to solve it! :stuck_out_tongue: Yep, I started with it finished, messed it up, and put a time IPO on the armature in the center of the cube.

It isn’t all that hard to make it longer, but I don’t think I’ll expand this animation at this point. As Fweeb states, there are lots of annoying little jiggles in it; I might nuke all the movements and start over at some point, but right now it’s done.

Fweeb, do you have any tips on how to keep those parts still? I was trying to keep the Bezier overshoot weirdness to a minimum, but I didn’t quite succeed, as you pointed out. I didn’t capture the sudden, crisp movements that need to be made to get solving one of these to look quite right.

@zachboy82, HellBok, sornen: I’m glad you guys liked this so much; I think it’s my best unassisted work in Blender.


Very nice. I’ve tried to figure out how to animate a rubics but I couldn’t :frowning: A small tutorial would be great.

o no! i never ever in my whole 3456 time i tried i never solved this cube. and you do it in 3d!!! :o :o

Come on guys: don’t you think it’s a reverse “resolution”? Either you start from a resolved cube, mix and play the video backwards, or starting from a resolved cube, mix it (noting every move on paper) and bingo: you undo each move from your paper.

Anyway, in the real world, if you follow formulas, a child can do it (I remember, I could do it under 3 min when I was a kid, it’s not brain suregery). THe only smart guys are those who created the formulas, not those who follow them.

Finally, yes, the animation IS really GOOD! Congrats Matt.


Last year I made the EXACT same animation, a rubik animated cube :-?
I had the same problem with little jiggles, messing up with beziers etc…
I got bored and gave up and it wasn´t posted. :stuck_out_tongue:

Convert your curves to non-bezier. Select the IPO and hit the VKEY.

But if you make the ipo curves straight with Vkey, you loose te “soft acceleration” of the animation

wow looks great! i like the slow movement on the last turn. very “i told you i could do it!”