Rubiks Cube with Mirrors - render in eevee

Hi folks,
Im working on a rubiks cube with mirrors on it instead of colors. Outside of the canvas there are imported images who reflect in the mirrors. The background is transparent. My problem is the rendering. the rendering in cycles is fine. everything works. but its to slow. when i want to render in eevee, there are no reflections in the mirrors. i tried to work with a reflection cubemap. but it didnt work either.
what i have to do for a propper work?

For eevee you must turn on “Screen Space Reflections”


Hi Rigoletto,
Thank you for your answer, but its on.

  1. Make sure that Reflection Probe is placed in the center of the cube
  2. Depending on your object size you might need to adjust clipping start/end for the reflection probe to “catch” the plane
  3. When baking the reflection probe turn off the cube (move it to another collection and turn it off)
  4. You can preview your reflection cubemap so see if it is baked correctly (preview is only visible in Rendered view)

Hi veti,
Thank you so much.
I`m a bit closer, but not there where i want to be.
strange is this asymetrie of working and not working. do you have a idea what the problem is?
(i made a rgb color background this time)