Rubik's cube

Remember the Rubik’s cube? The one you could never ever solve? Well I once got so good at it that I could fix the whole cube in about a minute. I accomplished this task using a book called “The Simple Solution to Rubik’s Cube” by James G. Nourse. Yesterday I wanted to refresh my memory on how to complete the cube but I couldn’t find this book anywhere! I tore my house inside out looking for it but is nowhere to be found!
I was wondering if anybody has a copy of this book that they are willing to give to me for free. Otherwise I will just buy a copy of this book off of Please PM me if you have a copy of this book and feel free to use this thread to reminisce about the good old days with rubik’s cubes.

I had a rubik cube to, and if I want to make it correct I just threw it on the ground sow it was in pieces and than I put it together with al the colors right

Yes there is a mathematical formula to solve a rubik’s cube. I know it can be solved very very quickly but I’ve never really cared about it but still, it’s an great thing to show off with, but other than that, well… it’s kinda pointless.

Well those are my 2 cents.
Try googling Rubik’s cube solution or similar keywords and you might find your answer without needing to buy the book though.

Hope this helps

Bluefire: Thats one way to deal with it :wink:

I have googled to try and find a solution but none that are as good as the one in the book. All the websites go into great detail about all the mathematical crap involves while the book actually has specific steps that work for every cube no matter how messed up it is. I am able to solve the first two-thirds of it easily but it is just the bottom third that I cannot remember the solution for.

Patrick Bossert was a bit of a whizz with the cube.
At 12yrs old he wrote a book “You can do the cube”. I would imagine it’s pretty short on the math side of things. Available on amazon from £0.01 used.
In the UK his name is pretty much linked with the Rubik’s cube, I think he was on every kids programme on television the year it was released over here.
You can do the cube

You could always peel all the stickers off, then stick them back on in the correct place!

I used to be very good at solving Rubik’s Magic puzzle, however I never got around to figuring out Rubik’s Clock.


what fun is it reading a book to solve the cube?

Try, it’s a good and relatively easy to learn solution that’s adjustable to how much work you’re willing to put into it (so no math unless you want it).

Yeah ok, when you get bored with 3D, here’s one for ya!

Or try this one (I never started it becouse I already get crazy looking at it)

hmm, you could just buy a new cube (or other Rubik’s toy), which now comes with instructions. I’m sure it’s not the fastest method, but it gets the job done, without breaking it.

Or you could give the cube to this robot, he will solve it for you.


I never completed it. When last year somebody dropped one at home, I suddenly wanted to make it. That web was the best explanation I found

I’ve been trying out speed cubing lately, too, though I’m not too speedy. Found a basic video tutorial series on YouTube. Here’s the links:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

Hopefully that refreshes your memory.

The same video tut author just posted some tips for increasing your speed, too, so you might like to look at all of his videos.

BTW, just for fun, here’s the fastest one-handed 3x3 cube solve I’ve ever seen:

huzza for speed cubing!

im at 1 min and 15 sec:)

its nio fun with a book and all that. try solving for patterns (like if i do these sequences, that happens) and then using them.

i was just playing and found out many of these, from it i have now 5 steps to solve a rubiks cube (each step has a number of sequences, ranging from 3 - 18)

its so much more fun finding this out urself, rather then being told about them. so i’d just try them and look.

if you want i can share like a couple, but they might not be entirely accurate, since by now, the sequences are in my muscle memory, i dont even think anymore about what i have to do, i jsut look and do it, then just over a minute, the cube is solved. and i feel proud.:slight_smile: lol

well yeah, thats that. its more fun that way. what is the satifaction in solving this beast of a cube, when you follow someone elses ideas? steps? or theory?

in the end i guess it is up to u, but i would at least give it a shot before solving using a book.

(also, i would like to say that i dont know what you mean about the book, weathre it is step by step, or jut mathematical thoery, i would like to apologize if i offended you because i missunderstood you, but the rubiks cube is just so much fun to solve when you do it urself without help)

sloving the rubik’s cube is also funny if you do it blindfolded

I agree that it is more fun to do the cube yourself rather than use a book. The first time I solved the cube it took me over an hour to do it using the book. As I got better it took me less and less time to do the cube. Eventually I got to the point where all the sequences were memorized and though I used the sequences from the book, I didn’t just use the book. This book requires you to think about which cubes you are using and what sequences to do in order to get them in the right place. So I was mostly using my brain to figure it out. But after my brain forgot the parts that I need to know, I just need the book so I can remember the main sequences and I can do the rest.