Rubik's Cube

Hey all!

This is my first post here and I start off with a project I just finished off.

It’s a simple scene of a Rubik’s Cube. Modeled in about 10 minutes in 2.5.
Texturing cost me about an hour.

The final render was done with LuxRender in 30 minutes.

C&C are welcome!

Full version
Big size!




I like it! It’s a nice, simple scene.

My advice for possible improvement is this:

  • Turn down the reflectivity of the black cube material. The sort of plastic used in Rubik’s cubes tends to be dull, perhaps with a tiny hint of SSS?
  • Perhaps consider adding a paper texture to the coloured stickers.

All in all, it’s nice work.

  • Turn down the reflectivity of the black cube material
    also use a sligghtttttt bumpmap on the stickers to ripple it a bit.

Thank you guys!
I agree, indeed to much reflectivity.

Question though, what is SSS? :o

No clue what that is, I’m new to Blender :smiley:

Sub-Surface Scattering. It essentially lends a softer feel to a material.
I’d advise Googling for how to use it with Luxrender.