Rubik's Cubes

Hi, this is my first good attempt with cycles… had kinda been neglecting the cycles render on account of my pathetic computer… but I cannot lie… I love cycles…
anyways just wanting some feedback

nice, not bad, but too simple. a desk scene or any other scene will do… :slight_smile:

Dude! I was trying to do this like a week ago but failed epically, is that just a cube?
And for the scene…uh… I dunno maybe…uh…I’ll…I’ll think of something:spin:
It look good tho:)

The scrambled cube only exhibits 4 colors. Granted, it could be how the faces are arranged, but it instantly looked off, to me.

Further, there are subcubes that share the same color on different faces. So it would put a red face on this side AND that side.

Still cool, though.


hehe yeah I realized the colors were off too after looking at it… hehe

na i started with one cube, extruded the faces to add dimension
then duplicated 3 times and just used array


Thanks Jballew,
I was trying to set up an animation where the Rubix cube kinda solves itself, but the way I set it up, Blender just crashed. I tried it your way and it is Rendering as I type!
Thanks so much again.

:slight_smile: glad I cld help
Thanks for the feedback much appreciated