(Pooba) #1

Just wondering if you’re still working on it. It was awesome back in the day…


(OTO) #2

Hello Pooba
No, i’m not working on it!
I’m working on a BIG game tutorial
At the time i was “mad” about the NAN Corporation strategy,
trying to sell an unffinished and not too good product (Publisher)
for lots of money.
So i’ve purchased a true game engine (3D Game Studio) for low cost, 50 EURO and start to work with.
But still worrking with Blender for the Models of course
Blender is the “BEST LOW POLY MODELLER IN THE WORLD” :slight_smile:

But, now, i’ve became a Foundation Member and got Publisher and having the
hope of making a FINNISHED GAME :slight_smile:

The problem of Game Blender it’s one of his qualitys: you don’t need programming skills, so “coders” and “level designers” don’t work
Each one want to do a “game”
And even Blender games needs lots of code to bee good

Well, thank you for the interest

(Ben) #3

I agree completely with:

an unffinished and not too good product

Anyway I wuold like to see RUBY finished.It was a good work.Exellent models and textures.
-Let us know about your experience with 3DGM.


(OTO) #4

Thank you Ben for the nice words :slight_smile:
You know, Ruby it was just a way to show people that it was possible to make fairly sophisticated interface games with Blender.
I don’t like much FPS style games.
Blender is free cost (well 50 EURO to me) so we can and must be original or at least try, if no one cares, it’s not a disaster (financially)
About 3D Game Studio?
Well the basic version it’s not expensive, it’s a real fast pro game engine, BSP tree technology, with a easy to use Script language.
But like the pros engines it needs compiling and all the stuff
AND it’s not BLENDER :slight_smile:
I don’t care for speed, but Blender needs much more Logic Bricks.
It would be nice if “coders” could add some more
Well, bye

(Krunchy) #5

You know you can use Python for coding right? Or is that not what your looking for…

(OTO) #6

The problem is that i don’t know how to code :frowning:
So more Logic Bricks with new functions it’ll be nice

(saluk) #7

It would be nice if you could use python in sensors and actuators as well, it would allow more flexibility and make its use by logic brick users much smoother and easier.

(OOPz) #8

The problem is that i don’t know how to code
So more Logic Bricks with new functions it’ll be nice

Its definaly worth taking the time to learn… Iv only managed to write about 3 or 4 working game scripts and there nothing special… but it looks to me like you can cut the majority of the logic bricks out with rather simple code.

the biggest problem i can see with blender is simply that the OpenGL code dosnt run very fast… but that the price we pay for not having to compile and/or radio-render the levels every time we want to test something.

To my knowlage iv never seen this Ruby thing… is there a URL for DNLD’s?

(OTO) #9

Hello MortalNME

here’s a link to the Ruby thing :slight_smile:


(rep-re-crea) #10

I would finish ruby…i think its great!
I fell down the hill a few times tho :smiley:

(OTO) #11

Thank you for the compliments :slight_smile:

Well IF “CODERS” want to help me and put all the dozens of
Logic Bricks (and far from finnished) that Ruby’s interface needs
in Python Scripts i’ll consider to TRY to finish (at leat one level)

Any volunteers???

(cluh) #12

im good at fps scripts!

(OTO) #13

Hello cluh

Are you offering your services?? :slight_smile:


(cluh) #14


(OTO) #15

Ok, nice!!

So please download the Ruby-beta (link above on the post) and take
a look at the interface Logic Bricks
I guess that with some python scripts it can be much more “light”
And there are some functions that i want to add.
And i know that you have a much better mouse script ( the one i use
rotates 360º)
Can you change it please!
And general ideas about gameplay it will be wellcome too :slight_smile: