Ruby Frozen in Fractured Ice (fracture/render test)

Teaching myself blender, mainly rendering in cycles at the moment. :slight_smile:

Tested the cell fracture plugin -then tested it on a purposely inside-out object to see what it would do!;
Worked on getting a good ice shader for a bit, and added some comp effects.

For the ice, I first figured out the shader equivalent to the glass shader, using a fresnel node with the reflection and refraction shaders; then I modified it so that

  • light rays from outside the mesh reflect less (using Geometry node.backfacing)
  • light rays going through the volume get darker/greyer (cheated using ‘Ray length’, calculating on backfaces only, adding via an emission shader and reducing the reflection and refraction)
  • some spots reflected roughly instead of refracting

Render took over an hour; I could probably have adjusted the samples a bit better.

Nice render.