I just got interested in this extraordinary new language and was wondering if anyone else here knows or is learning it.

Wow, sounds neat and powerfull. Never heard of it before

I only looked at it briefly in the past and thought it was like Python. but I doubt it. I also here it is “easy” like python yet powerfu like Java. I am totaly speculating this based off of my vague memory of Ruby’s documentation.

Oh, so it’s less powerfull then Python then… good to know. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, so it’s less powerfull then Python then… good to know. :P[/quote]

Hilarious! :smiley:

A guy at my computer club got a marker thrown at him when he said he liked Ruby.

They were discussing which is better, Python or Perl. Then way at the back of the room: “Ruby is best!” So the Perl guy threw a marker at him.

I’ve just started a month ago to use Ruby or to be more precise I use RubyOnRails. After I started with a tutorial to create your own “blog” in about 15 min, I was convinced :wink:
But I’m not that kind of person who starts to pray that ruby/rails is the one and only - every language/framework has its pros and cons.

Oh, so it’s less powerfull then Python then… good to know. :P[/quote]

Lol, it’s so true. Java’s like C without the performance and like Python with a long compile-debug-fix-compile routine. It’s the worst of both worlds. I’ve just been doing some Python programming and it is amazing - apart from being able to crash Blender then find the script runs fine the second time I run it. I’m one of those types (although there maybe isn’t a type and I’m on my own) who changes a little bit then tests it, so the compile stage is a major headache.

Does anyone know of any apps written purely in Python? I found the official bittorrent client but are there any text editors, games or such like?

Apart from the one I just wrote above, that has got to be one of the nerdiest sentences I’ve ever read :).

What was the conclusion? I think Perl wins on performance but Python on readability.

/me counts down until Duoas comes in and tells us Object Pascal kicks all their asses.

Dont worry, you’re not the only one. Thats one of the reasons that PHP is my favourite language ever; that and the fact that you never EVER have to worry about what type you defined variables as 8)

Gambas/BASIC that what I’m using atm.

Stupid school forcing me to use M$ Visual Basic. I dont really want to waste what Ive learnt so gambas is good.

What I’m impressed about with gambas is that gambas BASIC was used to create gambas. Not another language. :smiley:

Oh, so it’s less powerfull then Python then… good to know. :stuck_out_tongue:


goes to show ya, I wallow in “lack”. :slight_smile:

Ahem, sorry I’m late.

Object Pascal kicks all their arses. :stuck_out_tongue:

And before anyone posts a link to Kernighan’s most-quoted essay, remember: it is now the future. Have a nice day.

Seriously though, Ruby, Python, etc. don’t compare to C, Pascal, etc. because they run under a different idiom. So it’s fairly pointless to say one is ‘better’ than another. I know nothing about Ruby (besides that it exists, it is related to Perl, and it is a scripting language), so I can’t really offer much in notes here.

OK, ok, I just glanced over at and what I see looks neat. I’m actually very impressed. I like the way Ruby uses OO to implement a procedural style. This seems a solid choice to me. Maybe I’ll check it out someday with my copious free time.

If you follow the link to the Ruby site there’s some good language comparison links but in the end all that matters is:
(1) Does it do the job?
(2) Is it a productive choice?
(3) Do I like it?

JellyWerker: Revel in your newfound powers young friend, but remember to use them only for good and not evil!

Matthe: Exactly like me, I was in the market for a flat text blog engine, couldn’t find one, then I was looking into programming my own, saw ruby on rails and was blown away by the speed and simplicity of programming with it. Of course adapting a similar system to use text files instead of a database will be tricky, but hey, it’s worth it.

actually python seems to be slightly faster than perl on average.

perl vs. python

…and quite a lot faster than ruby.

ruby vs. python

but of course performance isn’t everything! :slight_smile:

hah python beats ruby:
And perl beats python: