Hi everyone!
I started this model for the contest Blending Life 2, but not liked the result. So I decided back to working on this model and try a better result. I will post every update in this thread.

Here some progress with the SSS and render…

Wow, that looks pretty realistic to me!
Beautiful modeling also!
Lets see some hair now :wink:

Photo-relistic, amazing!

DDD, thanks for your kind words! Hair now? :eek: omg!
Before start the hair, i will work a little more on the skin and the eyes need work too, more reflections I think…

JESUSFRK14, thanks for comment, this I’m trying to do, glad you liked it!

more to come…

Haha lol why not? :stuck_out_tongue:
But hey, work at the pace you think is appropriate.

This looks really good, especially the mouth and eyes she looks real. The nose bridge and brow are a bit pronounced making her look a little too masculine… well it makes it a little tricky to differentiate if it’s a girl or a boy, without hair anyways. I’m assuming it’s a girl because of the name. Though correct me if I’m wrong lol

woah…that is amazing :smiley: :smiley:

DDD, haha IoI I will try to arrange some hair as soon as possible, maybe in final of next week, sounds good?

Consideringthepickle, you’re right it’s a girl! I will try improve the nose, more delicate…Thanks for feedback.

MeshWeaver, thanks dude! :smiley:

do you intend to make the whole body, the realistic face make me like to see her in nude:evilgrin:

hahah :eek:
I’m sorry disappoint you, but you will see only her face…Thanks for comment!

small update…
I’m sorry DDD, no hair yet. hahah

Hey, congratz man =]
you have awesome skills, the character is getting very realistic (i think i’m even in love)
i like blond girls, couldn’t you make me happy ? (haha just kidding)
keep on!! I’m proud to see that here in Brazil we have such good artists like you (rsrsrs eu vi seu portfolio parabéns cara muito bom mesmo simplesmente adorei seus trabalhos principalmente os objetos medievais)

Thats gorgeous.

Love the eys and lips and the skin is great too.

Photorealistic? Heck no.
But looks pretty good.

There is something i don’t like about the eyes though, can’t put my finger on it.

I think something about the eyes and chin is bothering me. Lips are good, tip of the nose is good. Perhaps it’s where the eyes meet the bridge of the nose?

I looked looked and looked and I can’t see anything wrong with it. Maybe you could make the upper eyelashes as dark as the lower ones. That is all, and maybe you could make the chins a bit rounder. But that is a personal preference. Awesome work!

@ Sedric, I know right?!

Again, compliments from me, good work there! (not exactly sure what the update was though :o)

Looks great!
The eyes are too far apart though.

Sorry, i didn’t understand… asked me something ?

lol no i didnt ask, it is just an English expression… nvm though.