Ruff sketch to CG

Yes its another female drawing -_-… Anyways I wanted to draw another thing for when my cousin gets her tatoo on her lowerback. I’m gonna do a lil vector drawing and color it then I’ll post the finished part…

Nice drawing! Why don´t you try to colour it whith a paint software instead of a vector one.

Because I have a mouse ^_-.

Okay I started on it

What should the bg be?

Hey sutabi, this is drawing’s looking good! The obious BG is a forest(mushrooms maybe?). Keep up the good job!

Because I have a mouse ^_-.

You can draw it with a drawing pen, put it on the scanner and then increase the contrast of the lines. :wink:
I also have a mouse and that’s the method I use. :smiley:

I wasn’t sure on skin color so I just made everything blue right now