Rugby World Cup

For all those rugby lovers out there.

Did anyone see the Wales vs England match?

What a match, i cant beleive they beat us tho, we played much than them. The dirty Barsta***. Ah well, well done, hope you lose your next match. :smiley:

did anyone see australia vs naminbia , 142 to 0, thats gotta hurt

the all blacks have it in the bag, its all ours


this topic would make a good WC…

hahaha we RULE

no way, we’re gonna pummel you, just wait and see!

im an aussie, but i gotta say i’d bet on the all blacks. Namibia ain’t exactly the strongest opposition, so that game doesn’t really mean much. Well, we’ll see soon enough.

:o you are a disgrace to the country! get out!

(j/k :stuck_out_tongue: )

Well, at least us Canadians won one game! :stuck_out_tongue: