RUIN (short film)

Looks like this was made with all off-the-shelf software (Lightwave, Modo, After Effects and some plugins). Pretty darn amazing work.

if understand right they used monte carlo?

It is a fantastically well done piece of CGI. Great angle shots, motion shots, cloth sim, hair, lighting, and music. Inspiring.

Are you talking about Monte-carlo path tracing?

No idea, I don’t even know what render engine or what software they used to make it, I couldn’t find any information about it on their website.

Though I am not so sure that monte-carlo (or any sort of path-tracing for that matter) would be useful for such huge outdoor environments.

Wow. probably the best short film I have ever seen. Sorry guys, but it was just as good as Sintel, if not a tad better.

Damn that was good

No idea, I don’t even know what render engine or what software they used to make it, I couldn’t find any information about it on their website.

rendered in Modo and composited in After effects

Very impressive and well done short! Everything is tight from start to finish. I only wish they developed the story further instead of making it one big action sequence. It does say “To be continued”, so i hope they’re not planning to leave it there!

It’s not really ‘they’ as the short has been a labor of love for the Director\sole CG artist Wes Ball. He’s a longtime Lightwave and Modo user. Obviously he’s got a lot of help with stuff like sound and music from a sizeable team of people. But essentially it’s quite inspiring seeing what one guy can do over a year or so.

Killer work! And all done with lw, modo, incredible talent and dedication.

Impressive detail, all photorealistically rendered.

The gauntlet has been thrown down, mango team! You can do it! :slight_smile:

Visually, quite excellent. You can tell their banking mostly on this, though, given the lack of story and the “see it in 3D” ad at the end. Excellent textures and environment, but it wasn’t too fun to watch streaming at 360p. The story just isn’t there.

In Mango, as with any film (regardless of how it was made), I’ll be too busy laughing at the ridiculously lame plot and flat characters to notice the VFX unless the story lives up to the same level. Holding my breath and hoping for the best. Ian, take your time and make it awesome.

good short, I love the part before the action
the action is good, but I much more love a long walk/discover part in that city

and… it has no story… just an action film

Wonder how long was the whole project took?

I really hope Mango will be in that range of quality/realism

Mango will not be a cartoon.
It’s live footage + CG.

Well it still doesn’t dethrone the 3rd and the 7th, but very good rendering of plants.

A cartoon…sure. Why don’t you make a “cartoon” by yourself? If you did not understand what i meant, keep your provoking comments for you.

The point I was trying to make is that you can’t make reality more real.

I agree that the visuals are truly stunning. Sound design and sound fx are also great.
But what I liked most about it was cutting and directing for which I’d easily give a triple A.

All I’m wondering about is how much time it took to render with such a level of photorealism. Considering that this is the work of a single artist in a small studio, what the heck did he use to render? A Cray? Or a home-made render farm? Just curious…

WIP thread:
You should find there the information you are looking for.

Technically speaking, superior to Sintel or such. Blender isn’t capable for this job.
Emotionally speaking, not so great. Another boring action scene. Coming from a talented man, obviously.
Great camera! Clever editing.