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Hello Guys! :stuck_out_tongue:
I have been away because I’m working hard. But I decided to post 2 Screens of scene “Ruinas 2.0”, my work for BGE game Contest in Graphics Category, which is an improved and very expanded version of the scene “Ruinas”.
I will not show many images not to spoil the surprises. But I will mention some features:

Progress… COMPLETED!

-> Very Optmized DOF and Glow Filter -> completed
-> Dream Mode -> completed
-> Realtime Water simulation ( Reflections, Normal, Alpha (no Fresnel yet) ) -> completed
-> Real Time animated Grass -> completed
-> And the usual Baking AO and Advanced Light, Normal Maps, Animated Three.-> completed
-> Real Time Volumetric ( 3D billboard ) cloud, volume light, and outers Volumetrics effects -> completed
-> Menu -> completed
-> Optmizations and Test in 2.49 ->Completed

Download Available!



Bye :smiley:

dam, that’s lookin fine. Castle looks great. Haven’t finished the columns on it yet?

WOW! I still don’t belive this is the BGE. :stuck_out_tongue: Now I won’t win the competition for sure. keep it up and you’ll make most of us look like n00bs LOL Keep it up

Hey that is looking REAL good. You have some amazing skill when it comes to Game Engine. I hope to see more from this soon, and don’t let your computer mess up like with the last castle scene ;). Can’t wait to fly around the scene on my Computer :slight_smile:

what is the blue “transporter” thingy

I’m making thousands of backups. This time I am preventing :stuck_out_tongue: :evilgrin:

what is the blue “transporter” thingy
This is a Magic Portal for the second part of the scene that contains this castle.
I am finishing some details and I will soon show that part completely.

Thank you i hope you enjoy the final result :wink:

Hopefully we see some “final results” :stuck_out_tongue: Geat work! Keep it up!

your a real tease, as its been said before, a real big one at that:mad:.J.J:D.

keep it up:evilgrin::). or i’ll hire someone to talk to someone to make someone kill someone so they can go to a better place so they can get information on how to kill you in the most horrible way. so i’d keep it up if i was you:confused:.J.J.:smiley:

Hello Guys!
I would show you a few video presenting the first part of the Ruinas 2.0.
Basically this part is the Ruinas improved with some effects and outers details and corrections…
This first part i named “Blue Ruins” and the second part “The Castle”. In final scene you will start in “the Castle” stage and will go for the “Blue Ruins”… in the castle there are a portal for the Ruins and in Ruins there are a portal for the Castle…
So…I hope you enjoy :wink:

This is FPS 30~40 without effects and 25~30 with all Effects
on this PC

AMD64 3.0+ 939
2GB Ram DDR400
Geforce 9500GT 256 DDR2

I´m optimizing all shaders and models for make a good experience for all PC ( my own PC is old xD )
And unfortunately the Space Screen effects ( GLOW, DOF ) don´t work in ATI cards "/

I’d say it’s a step forward for the BGE. Will you be creating a real game with this features?

Nice work! Pretty neat demo. I like how you attached the DOF focal point to a ray sensor(?) or the like, so it varies depending on the object you’re looking at (or how close it is). Nice touch!

I’m not sure how the reflection works, as I haven’t looked into the video texture plugin yet. But if you’re creating a custom shader, and then passing the screen as a uniform texture, it seems like it wouldn’t be too hard to blend the reflection with the transparency of the water based on the angle of the camera (simulating a frensnel(I think that’s how you spell it:)) effect). Just a thought…

Anyway, really good work! Looking forward to seeing more.

May not have given to see because of the quality of the video, but the water has transparency but “fresnel” transparency is hard to me to implement. but I’m working on it. :wink:


oohh…i was excited when i saw version two of Ruinas…and for good reason! This is some pretty powerful work!

I deeply respect you (fact.)


What are the black rings around the lily pads?

Wow the video is AMAZING!! This is great! Much better than Castle Project! The animated trees look real impressive, Water looks better, Everything I wanted improved in Ruinas 1 has been in Ruinas 2 Great job! :slight_smile:

absolutely sick!

glad you’re entering… should be a sure fire winner for the category.

Ummm… Wow there are no new images or anything like that… Not even an update… WHY ISN’T ANYONE COMMENTING?! This should have 100’s of comments by now… This is the best thing I have seen in BGE… Look better than I could even do outside of GE… Anyways please comment guys.

Thanks tb0w. I’m making some improvements even in the second part of the scene and soon I will post some new screens. As the deadline for delivery of the project for the contest seems to be extended I decided to do some extra details like a menu and a HUD to control the effects better.
Thanks and I hope you are enjoying ^^

Everyone is speachless! :stuck_out_tongue:
It might be because there aren’t really any flaws to show. This is really awesome. The black rings around the lily pads keep getting on my nerves though.

mokazon you are so kind :wink:
I am sure that there are always things to be improved. :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks :yes: