Ruined City

I am sure it will not be long before a million and one city related pictures and videos crop up on here following on from Andrew Price’s tutorial. But hey ho, may as well post this up anyway.

I got a little lazy with it, could have used some better materials and some more building variations… but I intended it as a one-day distraction from my current main project, and was quite pleased with what I got for the time put in.

Nice but duplicates are noticeable

Yes, nice work, but i agree with ^, they are very noticeable

Yeah… was hoping to put a couple more hours in and model some more variations, I think that would have really finished it off nicely… but ran out of will power :smiley:

If I go back to it I’ll post up a better version.

looks good!
I’d like to know how you did to put an image as background with cycles. ( or is it a plane with an image texture?


at least make the roof-line irregular by changing object heights, its too simple and consistent

It is not really ruined. It is just warped.

Sorry for late reply, not been back to check for comments on this one… as I wasnt expecting many. The sky was generated via a half sphere with a 360 sky texture applied to it through an emission shader. I think I also limited ray visablity to be just camera to help speed up rendering.

@Atom and kilbee, thanks for the feedback … Fully aware of its flaws though, as I said in the description… was a one day ‘see what I can bash out in a few hours’ sort of deal, barely worth posting up to be honest… but what the hell right?

I like it!
Duplications noticeable of course.
Not a city to live, reminds me my city…