Ruins in the sky

This video is my third personal creation using blender.
I used 3dcoat to create the assets and EmberGen to create the cloud effect.
I used Marvelous Designer for the cross simulation.!


incredible,keep up the good work


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thank you. I’m very happy to have been chosen.


This is insane! The atmosphere feels amazing and I love the volumetrics. Did you make the trees yourself too? They look awesome!

wow this is fantastic! especially in motion in the video. The music is a great choice as well, really feels like a peak into another world. superb work :clap:

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I didn’t make a tree, I used assets.

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Would you mind sharing the source? I would love to have those trees in my library!

Also, for future projects, you should definitely record the process. Many people would love to see the behind the scenes :wink:

I used this asset.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll consider it.

Amazing work… all aspects…
PS. Make more :grinning:

You’re #featured! :tada:

amazing work! Did you all the texturing in blender or is there some paintover after the render?

Keep up the great work! :slight_smile:

Awesome work. Beautiful render.

kak je pizdato XD

Like all the architectural details. Nice work.

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Very nice work! Worthy of being in the same room whit a Final Fantasy or The Last Guardian rendering :slight_smile: Actually, if you don’t mind I’ll just start to follow you :slight_smile:

Totally love it! The buildings are well made and the lighting is gorgeous! Also love the music :wink:

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Wow this is an amazing scene.

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STUNNING!!! I always love seeing massive scenes like this in Blender. It’s so inspiring to know what’s possible!

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Wowza! Fantastic work! :star_struck:

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