ruins WC#97 update

I’m not sure where this is going. Just sort of taking it a brick at a time.

added a well and some ambient occlusion.

Good modelling! but I dunno about the lighting, try reducing the intensity and I think it will be great!

thanks, here’s another update,…since I’m not actually competing this week, I figured i’d fool around with some PP, but I haven’t actually finished it yet, so just ignore the glitch on the horizon. I’ll fix that next time around. I tried to fix the lighting some.

nice lookin!

to much blur though, looks too small

You picture feels very bunched up. I think it’s cause your composition is off or something. Lighting is much better. maybe add a big cloud texture to make the bricks differ in colour to each other.


I think I fixed the composition problem. Does this look better?

Looks very nice!

Two questions:

  • how did you get the blur thing going? looks amazing (maybe not for your pic, though… although it depends what the competition is all about)
  • what are all of those competitions? f1? dreamscape? where is the link?


This is for the weekend challenge #97, and this will be a non competing entry. It is not allowed to use softwares other than blender for the pure catagory, allthough you can do so in the open catagory…it’s at the bottom in the weekend challenge forum, the F1 thread though, is in the contests forum. The blur I did in Pixia, a free software in which you can paint in focal blur which is a very cool feature I thought.
<edit> It’s heavily photoshoped too btw.

Ah. I C. thnx!

Although it is photoshopped I think you could have reached the same effect (in the last render, not the focal blur) with blender alone, playing around with the AO settings.

btw, did anyone documented the AO settings?

nice. and let the best entry win. :smiley:

thanks mifune, but you don’t have to worry about my entry, since because I won last week, and chose the topic for this week, I am not allowed to make an official entry this week, so I will be in the non competing catagory. I’m just making this for fun I guess. Good luck.

thank you.

can you help me then so i (as an newbie) can pick the topic? :smiley: .

now i understand the message at my thread.

well, it took me 30 or so tries before I finally won, so my best advice for you is patience and hard work. :wink:

oh no :wink: .

Wow! It looks great! It looks WAY too contrasting, though. I like the 3rd one the best, since the contrast isn’t overwhelming.

added grass. I think I need to rearrange it or something.

grass looks very grid like…

stones need to have more edges on it, it looks like its made of pebbles.

very nice though

slight improvment

hmm, too noisy, and you need some distance mist to make the horizon better… plus add some close in mist for general awesomeness…

the noise is good, but not… i dunno, the rocks look better, but with it on the earth as well doesnt make it look so good.