Ruins WIP

Work in progress. Scene I’m working atm.
I’d love to have some feedback for this one.

Rendered in Cycles.

Seems like Andrew Price is an expert on creating a ‘flavor of the week’ in terms of all the images we tend to see that are based on his latest tutorials.

It looks like you had a good idea, even though you would probably want to place your own building meshes in the scene before calling it done.

the foreground is a bit dark.
(edit) what about putting a couple of buildings closer to the camera to give it some more depth and detail.

Wow, that’s a new concept! The building on the left clearly has the exact same texture as Andrew Price used in his tutorial, I would change that.

I think overall the idea on this is pretty good, i understand your references with ‘ruin’ and so forth. Seems to be very fashionable at the moment.

A couple of points for food for thought…

I’m getting the sense that the birds are huge, is this intentional?

Also the balance of tone seems a bit flat, you could probably do with cranking up the contrast in some areas, maybe enhancing a point of focus.

Anyway, nice job, looking forward to see some more.


Those were supposed to be like ptetosaurs or something like that :smiley:

Pretty big changes but I think it looks way better.

You should link the real RUIN cg movie, right now it seems you sell it as your own idea and it’s not.

Btw nice scene, keep going. Cheers!

haha, cool, big prehistoric birds of some kind. Fair enough, in an urban area it might be best to explain them a bit more then. As I think most people might interpret them as regular birds and have the scale of the scene screwed with a bit.

I’m liking this new shot by the way, very nice.

I’m going to continue to labour the scale point though, haha, maybe something in the foreground to help scale it. Have you seen the Feng Zhu Design school stuff?

Has lots of excellent free stuff and tutorials all over youtube for his guides for concept art, a lot of generally practical info about composition in general is covered. He loves placing objects such as birds and humans in the scene to help describe the scale to the viewer. Plus foreground elements to enhance the depth of the scene.

It’s shaping up quite nicely. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link

Ruins are old, are covered in dust & grime and get colored more towards grey/brown. So I think the building textures is a bit to colorful. But it’s a good base. :slight_smile:

Needs more broken windows. But that’s a huge modeling job. How are you placing everything, e.g. the trees? Arrays?

Mostly with particle systems