I am a very saddened to see the thread " your country Ruins , submit here …" closed, because of some uninformed idiot’s post about absolute rubbish! By the way, I’m not blaming the mods for closing the thread, they just did what was necessary.
It was an interesting off-topic thread that could have created an awareness amongst many people accross the globe about history in many different parts of the world.
What further upsets me is how a thing like Apartheid could have destroyed this, and help to create a negative image about my country and its people. I am South African and I grew up in the ‘old’ South Africa (yes, Apartheid and I am white). I have spent two years in the old amry, fighting in Namibia and Angola. In those days we had a choice: 2 years National Service or 8 years jail… I, and many others have sacrificed a lot, because of the political situation here.
When people like Freakazo v2.1 make childish, uninformed and idiotical statements like he did in the above mentioned post, of course it would get locked! Frankly IMHO he should be banned.
The political situation in South Africa is a very complicated story, but the vast majority of people here are positive. We are working hard to try and create a country that is prosperous. There are many problems, yet look at the reality. For one thing, our economy has had a steady growth rate for the last 11 years.
The only reason I am actually posting this thread is, because I hate the fact that some idiot had to ruin a perfectly good post with some stupid statement degrading my country and us people.
I have a lot more to say on this topic, but that would definetely get me banned here…

PS: I don’t want to start a political debate here and would not blame the mods if they close this thread. I just felt it is necessary to post this statement after what has been said in the above mentioned thread.

As we have mentioned so many times before lately, we are not allowing either Political or Religious threads since all what they do is stirs up people and create flamewars. Yes it is sad that some users can’t restrain themself from those topics anyway, but that seems how the world is, sadly enough. I am sorry but this is how it works here, locked.