Ruki Nonaka - anime character

Here is the finished look of the charcter from Digimon series.
The work was in cooperation with FEDB who made the cartoon look and final improvements on the hair, eyebrows and textures.
Thanks to all, for the support and feedback!

The wire:

I started with the idea to complete this project only with modeling and texturing, but in the WIP thread you could see some rigging and animation attempts :slight_smile:

Very nice. It looks very clean, well done! I think the jeans could use a little grain, they look a little streaky/stretched currently. Otherwise, I have no crits. Good job!

Ah, yeah, I have never been a fan of Digimon but I remember her…you did a great job on the recreation!
Very anime-like (or let’s say - cell shading like) and a clean mesh as well, as far as one can judge it from the screenshot. There is really little to critique.

That is excellent.

but if its here will you still gonna do updates of not ;]

migero wrote:

but if its here will you still gonna do updates of not ;]

I don’t think to make any updates in near future. But anyone who likes to examine the model and make some props or improvements to her could send me a message and I will provide the blend file (untill I find an appropriate webspace for the file). Besides that, migero, you promissed to make a coat for Ruki for the winter :wink:

Thanks for ratings!
FEDB kindly provided a link to his website so here it is:

Great job in the modeling. Only thing I don’t like is the material for her pants, but other than that, great work.

:smiley: That’s really cute…

It is my first and wonderful experience to play other people’s .blend file.
Thanks Syziph!!!

wooow …so nice…:slight_smile:

Excellent job. Maybe she needs a wee bit more muscle in her arms, (thinking of Ash et al in Pokemon). Love the eyes and such a low poly character too!!

Thanks to everybody!
I’m glad you liked the model. I hope somebody would like to contribute by making a decent rig for her!
And PapaSmurf, I always try to be economical with polygons (it’s my old PC fault) :evilgrin:


w0000w veri nice job!

Nice work = ) I really like the eye textures they fit the character well.

hey shes from digi mon… i used to watch that show

Thanks man, loved your model… I’m pretty much a complete noob in blender but seeing how was the mesh did, and the stuff applied is always good for learning… Thanks so much Syziph for sharing, really appreciate it =)

Thank you for the interest!
I am glad you find it educational!
The Armature rig is not the perfect one, but the model is pretty simple so everybody could try making a new one :slight_smile:
Have fun!