Ruler/Protractor measuring different sizes

I am measuring the height and width of my model, however the Blender v2.79 Ruler/Protractor is measuring different sizes each time.

I’m in Orthographic view > select Ruler/Protractor > select top of model > select Ctrl > drag mouse to bottom of model.

There must be a better and more accurate way of measuring?
I’m going to research how to measure the length of model faces, but the model outputs so many numbers it it hard to read them.

works fine ?

with Ctrl key and cursor you need to click on a vert then move mouse to another vert and it should snap and measure should be valid.

for 2.8 look

but it does not cover all the commands

You can clear all measurement lines with N key (on right numerical properties panel) ANNOTATIONS page and delete (-) the annotation.

happy bl

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Thanks, I couldn’t find MeasureIt after installing the Add-on, so I used the ruler/protractor.
Will try when I have more time.