Rules on finished projects need some clarity

This isn’t exactly a complaint, just an observation because there have been misunderstandings and some confusion as of late.

When and under what circumstances you should post in the finished project forum seems to debatable at the moment because there are several options open to you and people are disagreeing with each other.

For instance the animation forum is for animations, but finished animations can go in either the animation or the finnished projects forum.

The traditional forum is for 2d work yet some people post finished 2d work in the finished forum. Whether this is right or wrong, someone usually grumbles about this, then later one the author says he used blender in one way or another and is upset that people are saying he shouldn’t post in the FP forum.

Then there have been instances where finished 3d work has not involved blender in any form yet it has been posted here because the author of that finnished project just wanted to add his work to the community. I don’t know whether this is within the forum rules, but once again someone usually complains.

It doesn’t help either when endi posts his finished film in the news section, but i suppose that was just funny he felt the finished section wasn’t worthy. Not to mention he shot himself in the foot because he probably would have got into the gallery otherwise.

It would be nice if there was a bit more clarity in the rules for new users and forum oldies who often end up complaining. I think this would add a bit more harmony to the forum.

Clearlly either no-one knows about this problem or they do about it and no-one has any ideas as to how address this problem.

Why special rules for people from Finland? Why do the finnish need special rules? What have you got against the Finnish? :wink:

Maybe they should just post in the FINISHED Projects. Thank you. Carry on.

First of all, I think there should be an “Endi’s artwork” forum to catch up with.:rolleyes:

I guess the Finished/Finnish Project (I don’t mind) forum is intended for Blender Finished Projects as this is BlenderArtists site, so, in that case there should be an “Other 3D Software” forum as well, or just a link to CGTalk or whatever site if nobody is interested in allowing other software here.

Maybe Finished Stills, Finished Animations, Finished Short Movies, Finished Endi’s, Finished 2D, Finished OtherSoftware… or maybe just relax…:cool:

Wyh tnakoyu for croretcing my seplilng.

Actually I believe that the things in Finished Projects should be Blender-made and clearly a “project”, as such this work has been spent a deal of time on (the quality would depend on the skill of the user) and don’t intend on tweaking beyond as far as they see as finished. ANimations should count if they have obviously been spent a great deal of time on. I could see that this little animation that I just spent two or three weeks on (not bad, but a little short for an animation) and really wasn’t intending to be a really big deal, can go in the Animations forum, but when I do a entire animation that has all of the points of a short movie (no matter the length, but obviously not a few simple seconds) and I’ve devoted my time and effort to doing this thing, then as an artist wanting to show my work, then I’ll post it in the Finished Projects because at any given time, there are going to be more people viewing the Finished Projects looking for nice artwork.

Just my 2¢.

That is generally the conclusion ive come to aswell.

Fully finished animations, which cannot be described as a feature test or something that is very short deserve to be in the finished forum. Wierdly this problem is the other way round to the others.

A few people are posting great finished animations that never make the finished project forum and potentially never make to the gallery because of this, i know i dont check the animation forum as regularly as the finnished forum.

If someone posts something as finished and then “says, wait a minute, your right about so and so comment, im going to have to change something”, then that deserves to stay in the WIP or FC forum.