rules question

what if any rules are there regarding nudity on this site. i know that we are all artists and the subject may come into use from time to time but i also know younger people may access this site… advices on this?

I think posts with nudity should contain a warning and will be moderated if inappropriate, but it’s not prohibited if relevant.

thanks i know some places are a little touchy about that and i didnt want to break any rules

Forum Rules

Nudity or strongly sexually suggestive content of any kind not exempt under Role 4.c is considered inappropriate.

4. Nudity Exemption:


  • Nudity is considered a vital aspect of artistic expression. It is permitted as part of an artistic work

  • Nudity not exempt:

  • Rape, incest, depiction of minors (under age 18) committing sexual acts, beastiality, abuse, untactful nudity, including content usually considered pornographic, and all sexual acts, including, among others, intercourse and masturbation.

  • Nudity exempt:

  • Tasteful depictions of male or female body

  • Appropriateness is based on moral standards of community in general, and is ultimately judged by the Moderation Team