Rum Stuff.

Decided to start a new thread for help with this picture. Allthough Ive been using Blender for over a decade, until cycles, I havent been concerned about producing photo real renders. I am a fair model maker, and have for along time concentrated on producing game engine models, and just tryng to keep up with the blazeing speed of development.
It has been an ambition of mine though, since I joined BA many years ago to get a picture into the gallery.
I have only just {couple of weeks} started using nodes still very green, but getting there.
Heres the starting point.

As you can tell from the title there are a couple more props to go in yet.
Any crits and advise wellcome.

Higher res

As it is scale models, you should use some narrow DOF settings to increase realism

Beautiful. Exquisite modeling.

The models and the render are really nice, but i miss a scene with blueprints, brushes, some tools.
Put a ship poster in the background and may take a part of one ship separate to show the work in progress.
Or do a diorama.

I have many ideas but i could´n model them :slight_smile: , cheers, mib

The composition needs work.
but off course that makes no sense knowing that there are more props to be added so don’t keep us waiting too long

As sx-1 said, work on adding things to change it from a picture to a story. Great work on your models though :slight_smile:

The shiny table is a bit overused, especially with new modellers (I used to do that a lot!) maybe make it less shiny, give it a reflection map, or do away with the wood table and go for something more matte. Or even a workbench made of bare wood, instead of having a coating.

And this is pure opinion but I don’t like the colour of the back wall :stuck_out_tongue: too much green in it. but thats just opinion, you don’t have to change it :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the suggestions. Im working on a pic for the weekend challange, for the next couple of days, and then I will get back to this one.
I agree that the back wall colour isent very nice I think pale blue would be more apropriate. I have grabed a poster to use as a picture hanging on the wall. I do intend to add a cutting mat and a few modeling tools. But the main prop will be a relaxing bottle of rum and a shot glass, to celibrate a succsessfull build, and get some nice colours and caustics in.
More on this next week.

Crop … crop … crop. Take two inches off the top, two inches off the bottom, one inch on either side. If this shot is “about” the models, then fill the frame with them and nothing else.

The wallboards have a texture that is too large … it is out-of-scale.

It is no where near the final composition. As you can see I have fallen in love with cycles, allthough Ive been riding one for years.
My gfx card has only 1 gig of ram and the texture maps on the models were quite large, espesially the mtb, which are not need for this pic, so I have been resizeing them resorting the materials. Freeing up ram for the other objects.Something else I noticed was the scale of the objects. These were built at real world size, then the version I decided to use were the ones that I had exported for use in Virtual sailor, which is a sailing sim. For some reason for objects to appear correctly in that you have to scale the objects up 33.3%. That made the MTB about 72 meters long. Probably not good for phisically correct renderer, or the table. Any way, Ive made a start on the other props and hope to have another update soon.

Trying to make more of a story out of it, I have added some pictures to the back wall. I origional put actual photos in, and then thaught it might look better using the actual models in the pics. So I quickly did some screen grabs. I have ideas for the lighting, so I dont think these will be so prominent it the final picture, but we will see when we get there.

Its very noisy as its only 200 passes. Now to add some more props.

ps, I never did like wood chip. I was just experimenting to see if I could get any thing that looked like it.