[Rumor] AMD Bulldozer: First Cinebench leaks look promising.

Without a doubt currently Intel CPUs dominate the raytracing, but that could change soon.

A meanwhile deleted Cinebench test on a Blog (rumors have it AMD had the user remove it) seems to be one of the chosen few who got testing samples of the new Bulldozer - which type is not known. I got no idea when the NDA will be lifted (should be soon, Bullylaunch is planned for 11th of June) but here´s a heads up:

Cinebench R11.5 x64 screenshot showed:

  • Ci7-990X (Hexacore): 8.42 Points
  • The unknown Bulldozer: 7.37 Points
  • Ci7-2600K (Quadcore): 6.23 Points
  • The fastest Phenom 2 architecture chip, the X6-1090T (Hexacore) currently ranks 5.72 Points.

(the numbers for Bulldozer are not profen or confirmed - the others are)

It seems with the new 32nm production and the “modular” structure seems to do it for AMD. It has 2 integer modules/cores and a “Flex FPU” which can be reassigned at each clock cycle or paused and power redirected to other modules.

In any case, it seems that AMD finally made up for Intels Hyperthreading and also cought up in terms of FPU power.

You should also know that Cinebench is rather Intelfriendly (compiled and optimized for Intel)

So in order to compete I guess the Bully will be not much or around the Ci7-2600k (250 Euro) or even less if AMD follows its policy (maybe not from day 1 on though)

In any case, seems AMD finally cought up and will offer a competative chip again, and if the Bully is rather expensive, we can still hope that the Phenom2 Hexacores drop in price, which is very likely, and the 1055T has a CB-rank of 5.02 and kosts 125 Euro. If it where to drop below 100 Euro, it´s a no brainer.

So in any case, if you´re about to upgrade now, wait a month. Either you can get a Bully, or snatch a cheaper Phenom2 :wink:

got a link to the screenshot?

Made a screenshot of the screenshot before it dissapeared :wink:


I don´t know if the alleged Bully was blanked out at all points though. As I said, rumors. Might even be a fake, but I´d wish it for AMD to be accurate.

Btw. the place 1 ranked CPU has to be OC´d, I don´t know of any “Westmere” or “Beckton” Octacore Xeon with 3.33GHz.
That´d leaves exactly 3 CPUs, 1500-3700 Euro per chip.
2 * AMD 1055T = 250 Euro, same performance, just need two systems and netrender :wink:

Thanks for the screenshot!

When building a rendering system, its usually more price efficient not to buy the fastest gear… but one or two down from the top. We are thinking of switching over to the AMD system from Intel if the bulldozer chips hold up to all the hype… mainly because of the motherboard prices & processor chip prices.

hope it comes through as soon as possible!

but don’t forget Intel is working on lower Geomertry chips also
like 20 and down to 10 nanometers

i mean this would boost performance and speed a lot hope they succeeds as soon as possible!

remember around 2000 Intel said that they would have processors at 100 GZ or more before 2005!

are these integrating the Graphic chip also and is it CUDA compatible for Cycle?

happy 2.5

Intel != AMD =! nVidia, so no cuda :slight_smile:
Btw not only the dimension is important, but even the productive process, for example at same scale AMD has a less consuming process(developed with IBM and a few other companies)

so non way to use cycles with graphic card
unless you add up a compatible graphic card for cycle!
unless later on it will be possible to sue cycle with other graphic card!

it’s nice to see technnologie moving foward
but i guess it’s going slower then forecasted a few years back by intel!

happy 2.5

Just ran Cinebench with my i7 2600k @4.4GHz. Got a 9.4. And I’m not sure what the conversion rate is these days, but I got mine for ~$300US. Still seems like a better deal to me.

Your cpu is OCed :wink: We’ll need to see the buldozer when it is OCed. And how much it consumes. Btw if intel integrated graphic card will support openCl, than cycles will work both on cpu and integrated gpu(AMD one will support it for sure, in addition there will be the hybrid crossfire)

Yeah, but OC’ing it is like flipping a lightswitch. Super easy with the new i7s. And that’s stock air. I have another at 5.2 on aftermarket air that I’m dying to benchmark when I get time. I’ve never had an easy time OC’ing or overvolting AMD chips. I also love that mine sits at ~1.6GHz until I need it to kick ass. Very nice for power saving.

Yes, turboboost is nice, in fact AMD has implemented his own technology about this. On my desktop i have a phenom 2 x3 (i spend something like nothing to buy it, and it’s good for quite everything) and i haven’t tried to OC it, but i heard that the phenom 2 9xx black edition are easily OCable. Btw, who will live will see :slight_smile:

I do a build with AMD CPUs and GPUs about once a year, and always end up with a sour aftertaste. It’s been a little over a year now, perhaps I should give them another go. Any word on if the GPU drivers are better than they were about a year ago?

On my desktop i never had driver issues(with ati card), on my laptop, when i have just bought it, the drivers was gaving a bit of problems while changing from discrete to integrate card(intel), but with the 11.x serie of driver everything got solved. From what i know, they changed the project leader of the driver department, and quite rewrote all the drivers :slight_smile: But maybe you need to ask to a few more people :slight_smile: What i really like of AMD is power/price

Here’s some leaked pricing information.


Yeh, I saw it too, the downside of this would be that pricewise the AMD flagship would be with 320USD which would line up with the Ci7-2600k.
That said, the equality of price is a good indicator for the performance as well.
That would mean that it takes 8 cores for AMD to beat or perform as good as an Intel quadcode - which on top of that can be overclocked like crazy.
The Flagbully has to be cheaper, or it has to be faster, else it seems a not too attractive product.

But I guess AMD will score in the midrange segment - as usual.