Run animation

So I am working on a run animation and looking for some feedback. I’m still fairly new to 3d, so any tips and advice is appreciated. Thanks!

it’s looking good, the front and back legs seem to sync up well. One thing I noticed is that the body seems to remain mostly motionless with a bit of twisting, maybe make it arch and bank a bit?

Update: Added a bit more movement to the body

Not bad… I recommend watching how a dog runs and try animating that… But either way great job

Nice job! That second animation looks better. It still needs a little more up and down movement in the back and front ends of the torso. It seems to be stuck to the ground plane, if you know what I mean. Adding more up-and-down will make it appear heavier, and therefore bigger and meaner. Play around with the f-curves to get a more realistic fluidity of motion between the different parts.

I just noticed the smaller appendages on the chest. Maybe make those move a little, too.

Another update:

I still need to smooth out some of the f-curves, but I think its looking a lot less stiff.

Much better!