Run Armature bone in game mode

How do you make the Armature bone play in game mode? I trying it but nothing happen. It will not play the bone animation.

first of all, you have to make an action and make that action happen in a situation ( like a button pressed), u can do this with logic bricks, and also your armature has to be the parent of the object, cause the modifier doesn’t work in BGE

Is there any online help on this? Like a step by step? I parent the Armature to the object and in the logic block, I set my avtuators to Action and add the Action name into the Action but still nothing happen. Do I bake the Action?

Have you set up the vertex groups (with the names of the bones)?
have you parented the mesh to the armature with option armature?
Have you set the start and endframe in the action actuator correct?
Does the sensor trigger the actuator?

Can you please help me take a look at this?

you forgot to “Assign” the vertices to the Bone group!
Select the plane, enter Edit mode, select all vertices, and press the “Assign” button
It should work

Here I have a little source for you which I made a while ago. It could be usefull when working with armatures and animations in game and controlling them.

Thanks GUYS! :smiley: it works now. BTW, I wanted to make it play an action once and hold at the end of that action until the player moved away from the object. How do I do that?

Maybe with the" near" sensor
He can for example, open a door, keep it open until the player it’s “near” and close it when the player moves away