run .blend with parameters

hey i have a menu.blend and a game.blend… in game you are able to save and load the game… but i dont want every time start new game and then pressing key to load the game… is there any way to run from menu.blend the game.blend with parameter? like: “game.blend -load”

1 word: Python :smiley:

yes i know the basics of the python but can i do that? and if i load with the parameter -load how can it understand its the -load or -somethingelse… how can i manage that the -load will do what i want after load the .blend?

not exactly! but if i am thinking what you are thinking,then there is hope :smiley:

it’s a bad trick!
The trick is to assign a value to the sys.argv variable

import sys

and make sure that this code is executed before the game.blend is loaded

in the other file game.blend

add something like this

import sys
print sys.argv[0]

you should be able to see “-load” printed

And that’s it, the argument passed will be stored as array in sys.argv variable and you can list them with sys.argv[0] , sys.argv[1] etc… (i belive the arguments will be stored as multi-dimentional arrays/lists.

Hope that helps!:smiley:

sorry! for double post:D

heh thank you it’s working now i will go to implement all the needed things :wink: