Run blender in background? (ie without window)

I’m working on a model exporter for a game engine, and everything is working fine. Basically, I run blender.exe from the command line with -P and a script that exports the contents of the .blend file into the game engine’s model format, then exits blender. Is there a way to run these scripts with blender without a window popping up?

Like I said, it works just fine now, it’s just annoying to be building a dozen models or so at once, and getting blasted in the face with blender windows popping in and out of existence. It looks like -b is what I want… except I’m not rendering anything.

if you do blender -b C:/loc/to/blend/file.blend -P this ‘should’ open the blender file then run the python file on that blend file. all via commandwindow and not render anything… just make sure you dont load up the blender file again in the python script.

So if I’m understanding this right, -b doesn’t actually make it render, just makes it go to the background? I just want to be sure, because the thing that runs these commands – the game’s build utility – is going to kick off about 6-8 of these at one time, and I just want to be sure it’s not completely choking out the system by stupidly starting a render I don’t need.

Also, what do you mean by “just make sure you don’t load up the blender file again in the python script.” ?