run blender with console on ubuntu?

I found a thread that said what to add to the command line (gnome-terminal -e blender), but not where the command line is. Looking under properties, my best guess is something has to be added in the “open with” section, but I don’t think that’s the right answer.

What you mentioned would be one of the solutions, but quite localised,
I prefered changing the launcher from
menu > system > preferences > main menu : navigate to blender and hit properties > change from application to application in a terminal.

I don’t have Blender in my menu, only as a desktop link. Can you tell me how to make that work (launch with console)?

i’m using ubuntu. Click with the right button on the desktop, and add a launcher, in the type of the launcher select ‘application in terminal’ point it to the blender executable, and that’s it :slight_smile:

The question of how to install the latest blender so that appears in the menu seems to come up every 2 weeks or so.

The X console can be found under Applications>Accessories>Terminal.
The standard console can be found by pressing Ctrl Alt F1 (or f2,3,4, etc.)
To return to x windows it’s Ctrl Alt F7.

paulo_gomes - thanks, that’ll do it!

Freen - but I’m not asking how to install it in the menu :wink:

Thanks everyone for your help, especially thanks to Maurice Raybaud, that was exactly what I wanted. The exact solution to my problem, it opens the terminal anytime a blender window opens from anywhere! I need this to properly use BGE. Thank you!