Run cscope inside Blender directory

Hi community,

I am reading the Blender wiki Tips for Coding Blender and one of the first things it suggests is to “run cscope inside of the Blender directory, you will be able to find all files that contain a given string”.

What is the proper syntax for running cscope in osx terminal? Where is Blender’s file with C code stored in osx?

Thanks for the help.

cscope is a command line tool for using on the C/C++ source code of blender… you want to investigate the source code and had it downloaded…? It’s ~4GB in total…

The source code is different from the normal Blender I have installed and use normally?

The source code is the textual description of the whole application in a computer language which have to be transformed by a compiler to make the CPU instructions which make the programm what is does while being used by a user/artist… If you are not a developer this isn’t of any interest to you. (You also don’t have to study engineering to drive a car…)

I’m not a developer but want to tinker with the python .show_axis code at a lower level to possibly make a slider that controls how big the object’s viewport display axis is shown to the user.

I got some tips from the coders on the Blender chat channel and I want to explore the lower level code. I’ll probably break it but will learn a few things also.

I’m guessing I have to follow the instructions on building Blender first and then I will have the source code and directory that I can explore with cscope?

The core system of blender is in C/C++ and the addons are in Python. If you wanna look into the later then just look at: and there (i’m on linux, so you may use backslash)


this are only 200MB (instead 4GB full source) and may be searched by a simple search in all files-tool. As you can see: just exploring the names will show that addons/space_view3d_stored_views might be the place to have a first/deeper look… and the last with export maybe is of lesser interest.
And now: have fun :wink: