Run Cycle-Adding weight

I’m trying to make a good looking run-cycle, but I’m still missing sense of weight (It’s my Achilles’ heel in animation). I tried a lot of tricks to make it “weightmore” but the results always were not as I expected. Have you got any advice/hints for me to make it looking better ?
Cheers !

You need a little more “squash and stretch” to show weight. (Note that you don’t have to actually squash a body part, just move it in the proper direction.)

The animation is pretty good. It could be improved by having some of the body parts push down slightly after impact. This will help you show weight. For instance the knee and ankle do not seem to be squashing down after they impact the floor. You would expect a bulky character to need to use a lot of force to keep from breaking his ankle .

Also, a little follow through on the appendages could help. The arms and shoulders have weight. Bring them down slightly after the foot makes contact.

Good luck!

The link is broken now.

rontarrant:Yea sorry, I deleted it by accident, but here’s an uptaded version.

DanPro I’ve made all things which you wrote and I guess It’s looking a bit better, but still I feel that I’m missing somethink.
Any more hints :> ?

This is not a one button type of fix, but in the graph editor you have three options - back, bounce and elastic - for interpolation modes, that can help with giving the illusion of weight in motion. Some experimentation is in order though for walk cycles yo cn’t just change all the keys to bounce for example and get anything useful.

I don’t know. Looks good to me.

Sometimes just taking a break or looking at some reference material will help. The only odd thing to me is the arms back position. I am assuming that you will at some point add weapons to the hands. If that is the case, leave it alone. It’s fine.

Good luck!

The what’s up channel trailer is excellent funny! The no way out one too. Very nice.

Bounce may not be as necessary for super agile ninjas, light on their feet, as for fat slow sumo wrestlers.

DurBan: I experimented about 2 hours with those new graph modes, but I couldn’t find and useful meaningful. At least, I’ve made last correction on “foot roll” and I leave it as it is.
…And I’m glad you liked my videos,thanks ! However in this animation, I want to push my animation skill to the limit and make something really good. In relation of character, this animation isn’t related with “No Way Out” so main character is massive as proxy =)

DanPro: Being honest, position of arms is my whim, he’s not going to hold weapons in his hands, but my explain for it is that, he
transfers all the energy of the suit(it’s an Nanosuit from Crysis) to his legs, so he’s able to run faster in this position. (I know, it’s not realistic, but I thought it will be a challenge and funny, to make a run cycle like a ninja for massive character.

Thank you all for your feedback and sorry for my english :slight_smile:

Are you using FK or IK for your run cycle? Should have asked earlier! The bounce and back work better with IK limbs. You would put it on the torso and hip, and use IK for the limbs.

I’m using IK for legs and FK for arms, and I would rather to remain at this option, because FK is attached to the shoulder, so it shows that the chest is leading the motion, and shows that the arm can have a weight. IK probably would be much smoother, but in final result, I dont think It would give a better results.