Run Cycle Character Pops

Hi guys,

I’ve got a simple character in a run cycle in Blender 2.9, destination is for Unity and a top down game so he doesn’t need that much fidelity. However I’m unable to figure out looping. I’ve done this before for another character (unfortunately not a humanoid) and looping worked without any problems. Here the whole armature pops at the end of each loop, the curves refusing to match up:


I’ve messed with interpolation, extrapolation, cyclic modifier made into into NLA strips (which I’ve experimented with and was eventually completely unnecessary with the previous character) and the only thing that ‘worked’ was duplicating the keyframes - but as soon as I set the loop time to only include the actual loop and not the duplicated from the armature pop is back.

This should be a super simple thing but I can’t seem to find whatever it is that’s (expletive) it up :slight_smile:

Can someone point me in the right direction?