run cycle

here is a run cycle for the sequel to my animated short “The Bridge.” Any critiques?

looks good to me.

I think the motion is good, but there needs to be more overall body movement and more of a bobbing movement in the upper body.

Arms and leg movement looks good. What’s missing is the torso rotation. As leg push off, hip rotates a little to add power. Upper body counter rotate to keep the body study. The twisting of body affect head movement. Look at this video:

Couple other comments in addition to those raised above…

  1. The legs do not reach forward, which would suggest a very slow and heavy run. As Animaniac888 has already pointed out, there is no y trans on the hips to support this idea.
  2. The gun has no weight whatsoever. It should be contributing to the drag and overlap on the arms.
  3. There is no drag or overlap on the arms.

Another couple of references, showing keys from standard texts.

Thank you everyone for the feedback. The references have been very helpful.

So far it still needs a lot of work; check this handy page.

dial up the hip movement, especially the up and down. Also, have the hips higher in general.
Rotate the torso more.

OK, here is a second go at the run cycle taking everyone’s feedback into account.