Run Modal Operator in Modal Operator

Hi all,
is it possible to run a modal operator within an already running modal operator?
Quick test didn’t work for me.

Is there a way?

I would think you would just take the functionality of both operators and make one Operator that encompasses the required features.

thanks for your answers! I will take a look at the given threads.

I also thought I will create only one operator that handles both. I want to handle the modal operator via shortcuts and have problems with event.type because it overwrites the my button states constantly. That was the reason why I wanted to trigger once a new modal operator and the stay in it until I abord it. Anyway I will take a look at the links and maybe do a workaround xD

you could set boolean variables to true for instance, to remember something (C key press -> event -> set variable -> O key pressed -> check variable, if certain key was pressed before)

thats a good point. Thanks for your suggestion!

Hi, sorry for digging up the post, but i’d like to have an example of this.
I need to run two modals at the same time in edit mode: bevel and push/pull.
Is there any way to do it ? I couldn’t find the code for those operators, so i suppose they are built in blender in C.
The behavior i want is pretty “simple”. When i mouse the mouse, the bevel amount is ajusted along with the push/pull.
Thanks !