Run Script On Render Completion in 2.5

ive got a notifier script that sends a message to my main computer from my render computer and id like this script to be executed automatically when a render is completed

how do i go about doing this in 2.5? from what i have read, in 2.49 there is a Script Links panel that allows for this action; however, i can find no such think in 2.5



I hope it’s not to early for this but,


you could use a .bat file (if on windows) that renders your blend file, then executes the (python?) script
your bat file would look something like this:
blender -b file.blend -a -x 1 -o //render

more info on command line rendering here:

There is a hack to run code in a frame change event, but you will always be a frame behind.

sounds like something id like to explore, could you tell me more about it?

Here you go!

thanks. i learned some more about blender python today; however, this isn’t going to be able to do what i’d like :frowning:

the script works great, very interesting hack; however, as its called at the beginning of a render, it’s not very useful for telling me when a render is complete

Yeah scriptlinks are really missed in 2.5… I’ve used them a lot.

One thing you can currently do is create your own render button which executes a script which then renders… but that won’t work with F12, just when people press that button after enabling that script… bit too hackish. I’d love for scriptlinks to return as well!