run scripts from another script?

Me again…

What’s the way to run a second or third script from within a script.

This is what i like to have:

At the moment I use a special Allplan3ds-import script i found on the net.
After importing the objects I use a remove doubles-script.
That’s because objects exported from Allplan are trippled an unwelded.
1 cube object:12 faces, 36 vertices.
After that I run “Triangles to Quads” provided in Blender.
This gives very clean meshes.
The only thing left is to join al objects with the same material.
(the last thing I do half-automated).

Is it possible to extend the import script with these 3 scripts?
So that it imports, removes doubles, converts Tri 2 Qoads en join same materials?

why don’t you just append the script into one and remove the duplicate import parts - that should work.

Blender.Run(script), I believe.