Run Test

Here is a character run test to check deformation. I used Fk, Ik, and weights. Tutorials, also. Please forgive the poor lighting. I rendered jpgs and saved them as a gif in the Gimp.

Something doesn’t look quite right when the character leaps up:

  • Lifts too high above ground
  • Arm movement a bit excessive?


looks like his legs are geting too strecteched out when he runs…but im no expert

His legs always halt halfway when they’re on the forward swing.

The halting makes it look like hes playing hopscotch(sp?).

Yes it does halt mid-step. I’ll work on it and get a new version up. First I have to wait for a few other things to come together such as alternate masks and vweps as it is a game character. Thankyou.

Here’s another try after some weight alteration.

getting better but the body doesnt look right he seems to jurk back after every step.

I agree with the above statement. Try Keeping the forward lean throughout the cycle. It is almost as if he is going back to a rest state. Other than thatI think it is looking good!!