Runboy (svg vector textured scene)

Ok, I decided it was time I called it and finished this scene. So here’s the final product.

It’s all done in mato’s “vectex” build that allows you to render with svg files for textures. I might render a few real extreme close ups so you can really see the benefit of svg.

I put a larger (1920 x 1080) wallpaper version online here:


This came out really good. Love the style that the crisp, high-contrast SVGs give … your modeling fits the style well, too. I would’ve liked to see Runboy fill more of the frame, maybe because he’s such a unique character and has most of the detail.

Overall that’s four stars of work to me!

BTW: Is there any word on this functionality coming into the official release?

All the characters of this work are very pretty.
And I am very curious to the back story of this work.
(Why he is running? What is the relations between he and the little boy near the left tree?)

I changed my Desktop wall paper of Ubunto to this work.
Thank you.

Hey mato,

I made the model for the central character years ago actually, but never used him. My idea back then was to have him run through a city being chased by a big robot… but I never got around to making that scene.

So he was a nice starting point for testing svg stuff, since I already had the model. It just grew from there… The “nuke” was a last minute addition because he has to run away from something!

The little guy, and all creatures are just to add some life to the scene, and he looks a little sad with the idea that they can see the nuke, but only runboy is fast enough to run away from it.

That’s basicly it :wink: Thanks again for the feature… I’m using it for some other work now as well… I hope I’ll be able to show that as well.

Oh, he is running away from that dark big cloud.
If I am in the same situation, then I run away as fast as possible too.
And I understood why that little boy looks so sad.

I am looking forward to your other works.