Your pic looks pretty god for a first render, but the ground is too shiny, esp. at the bottom left. The scene looks kinda empty. Where are the runes? All that i can see is a temple with a blue field-thing at the end. I agree with borgleader, it needs more textures. If those are pyramids, then shuldn’t they be made of seperate stones? The camera angle bugs me too.

Some extra verts would make it look alot better, and some subsurfing would help. Why not put it in a scene, like a fishbowl, anything? It looks really wierd all alone in a black nothingness. This is the best thing you’ve posted so far! Did you use uv mapping? If so, you learned that alot faster than i did!

Yeah, the Fish looks pretty good for just a week on Blender. I didn’t even touch UV-Maps until i had Blender for like 6 months.

i am only 12…, maybe you should have posted this in Works in progress.

and what kind of game are you making, blender game or a game that will (hopefully) hit the shops?