I’m a novice blender artist :wink: Here you find some of my runes cycles renderings:

which is your favorite? :wink:

do you guys have any suggestions on how to improve this?


Hey dude,

no offense but first of all you might want to change the rune to one that is not being used by Neonazis that often. :wink:

For the first stone, maybe you could try using a spec map to bring a little variety to the glossyness? The color also looks a bit too uniform in my opinion. I like the structure of the last one best but I would like it even more if it had some grey speckles.

IronLung, thanks for your tip with the N… :wink: I didn’t know this. They are from Futhark runic alphabets. So symbols are always a problem.

UPDATE: I’ve changed the symbol. I hope this stands for nothing :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s actually sad that they abused all that pagan stuff.
Are you planning an actual scene with the stones or are they for practise? The stones would be cool for a little shrine or a table where a shaman has put some stuff for a ritual, like bones, a little bowl, some raven feathers, mushrooms and so on. :slight_smile: